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The aim of CleaNap is to promote the awareness of environmental problems that impact Naples on a daily basis. Their main project is Bike Sharing Napoli.

Centro Hurtado

Centro Hurtado is a community center promoting the education and training of teenagers and children, based in the high-risk neighbourhood of Scampia. Its activities include: after school care; English instruction; music; theater; photography; and work laboratories such as bookbinding, tailoring and IT.

Piedi Per La Terra

Piedi per la Terra aims to promote a greater sensitivity towards environmental issues and raise awareness of sustainable agriculture and urban farming. The association is located in the San Martino Vineyard, a vast tract of land in the heart of Naples.


Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli promotes new enterprises, employment, training, education and human services at an antique institute in the Quartieri.

CSI Gaiola

The CSI Gaiola was founded with the purpose of managing and preserving the natural and historical heritage of the Pausilypon coast and marine reserve of Gaiola – a natural and archaeological site close to the centre of Naples.

Public Schools

Volunteers who register for teaching English programmes with public schools assist local teachers with improving the pronunciation, as well as the listening and speaking abilities of students aged 3 to 18. They also engage students in playful and creative activities for learning English.

Arcigay Napoli

Arcigay is an organisation that promotes LGBT rights and offers legal, medical, and socio-psychological support to members of the LGBT community and their families.

Centro Insieme

Centro Insieme runs after school programmes for children with unstable family backgrounds. Centro Insieme is located in Le Vele at Scampia, an area of Naples with a high crime rate.

Centro Astalli Sud

Centro Astalli Sud is an NGO in Grumo Nevano, near Naples, that provides social assistance and educational services to immigrants and refugees. It collaborates with a variety of institutional partners including the government of Campania Region, the Province of Naples, the Ministry of Welfare, and local foundations and schools.


Centre against Social Exclusion and for Development (LESS) provides services and carries out interventions of reception and social inclusion for migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees. It also promotes active citizenship and the full recognition of migrant identities.

Centro La Tenda

The aim of La Tenda (the shelter) is to keep children off the streets by giving them educational support and then engaging them in playful activities.


Fondazione Massimo Leone offers practical solutions to the problems of social exclusion and marginalisation faced by homeless people. The Fondazione offers a number of services, such as medical and clinical support, a counselling centre, housing services, and a research centre.


Pro Natura E&L is an association that deals with environmental protection, in particular the promotion and restoration of gardens and parks in the Sanità neighbourhood.

Maestri Di Strada

Maestri di Strada (street teachers) is one of the most well known Italian NGOs working to reduce the high dropout rate in the public schools of Naples. Teachers, educators, and social workers collaborate to bring kids back to school, fight social exclusion, and develop individual social identity.

Il Camper Onlus

Il Camper is an initiative made up of doctors and social workers with the objective of promoting dignified living for marginalised individuals. Il Camper uses a mobile vehicle (the camper van!) to directly assist those in need.


Cratere degli Astroni is an extinct volcano belonging to the greater Agnano crater in the Phlegrean field caldera. With its 3600 years it is the youngest crater of the Phlegrean fields. WWF staff organise educational activities both for schools and visitors.

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