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Theo Q., France, 2023, Teaching English

“I had a fantastic experience with INN and within the placement they offered me. It was exactly as promised: a placement giving you the opportunity to help and support the teachers as well as the pupils/students. Also, I highly recommend staying within the accommodation; you will witness cultural exchanges like never before. On top of that, Ivan, one of the individuals in charge of the program, is always here for you: wether you need something regarding the volunteer work or you have an issue (personal or work related) or you just have question concerning Napoli (what to do, what to see...). This one-month experience really gave me the feeling that I belong in a country that I didn't know (first-hand) before. The southern Italians are really welcoming. I should point out as well that whomever you are, and as I talked about it with different people, you will never feel unsafe or alone in this city. Furthermore, the food is really good and affordable.."

Jennifer F., Canada, 2023, Soup Kitchen

"My time volunteering at the soup kitchen in Naples was deeply rewarding and meaningful. I assisted Salvatoré prepare lunch for eight residents of the shelter. I distributed meals to those living outside of the shelter and I cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen to ensure it's hygienic for the next meals. I am grateful for the valuable experience and the chance to help those in need of a meal and shelter. Most of all, I am thankful for meeting the kind staff at the placement and my roommates. Their warmth, spirit and sense of community left a lasting impression on me. I cherish the connections I made and will miss seeing the familiar faces every day. I want to thank Ivan for arranging such a meaningful placement, allowing me to give back and contribute to the city of Napoli. My time volunteering has given me an even more affectionate connection to this beautiful city I am happy to call home, and I long to come back soon."

Emily C., UK, 2023, Dog Shelter

“I spent two weeks in Napoli volunteering. The accommodation provided is great value for money and you are able to socialize and make friends with other volunteers. The support provided by Ivan and Frederico was very good! Napoli itself is full of vibrant character and, after the initial culture shock, almost everyone falls in love with the city, I certainly did. As for the dog shelter, it is a great experience, and I would recommend it. The place is laid back and you can spend lots of time with the dogs. The only thing to mention is that they seemed to already have enough staff members for the work required, however, the experience was valuable to me as it was my first time working in a shelter environment..”

Jon & Anastasia, USA, 2023, Soup Kitchen

“We were able to help prepare lunch for a group of people, seven in all, who were permanent residents of the shelter. We also were able to distribute donations for the evening residents for their lunches, and helped prepare foodstuffs for the evening meals. We cleaned the kitchen itself as a deep clean, in its entirety. We were very grateful for the experience to have helped out. We are especially grateful to have met the employees there and to have formed kind and supportive relations with them, as well as with the residents. We will miss them all! Thanks to Ivan for all his support and for this ideal placement, and to the city of Naples for which we have a very fond and affectionate connection."

Lara B., France, 2023, Migrants & Refugees

"My time in Naples can only be described as a wonderful, one-of-a-kind experience ! The accommodation provided by INN allowed me to share experiences and to explore the city (there's much to see and to try) with the other international volunteers, and I was always surrounded by open-minded, enthusiastic, very friendly people! The location in the historical centre, connected to everything, was perfect! Ivan was always there to help, he was very generous with useful advice and informations, came by to bring fruit and breakfast supply, and ask about our placement or well-being. Since we were four volunteers at Gesco, the Organisation supporting migrants' integrations, the volunteer work only lasted from about 10 AM to 2 PM, while the rest of the day could be spent in the discovery of the Napoli. The help we provided mostly consisted in giving English lessons to Ukrainian women, helping with some administrative work and the sorting of clothes and other supplies. Above all, the experience allowed me to learn a lot about the difficulties migrants face in Italy while trying to build a better life, about italian and european immigration laws, the ways the organisation could accompany and support them in their endeavours. The members of the organisation were always kind, warm, patient, and passionate, as well as keen on explaining more about the countries of origin of the migrants, the different procedures they had to go through upon arrival and to give us every opportunity to experience everything first hand. The three weeks went by way too quickly and I hope to come back someday! Grazie again for allowing me to discover and learn so much in such a short period!."

Clark S., Brazil, 2023, Special Needs

“I came to Naples not quite knowing what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by how everything turned out. This was my first time assisting people with special needs. Alongside the fact I spoke very little Italian, one could comprehend my apprehension... From day one, the support received from INN (shoutout to Ivan!) was outstanding, and my first day at La Scintilla ("The Sparkle"/the non-profit organization where my volunteering would take place for six weeks) was fantastic. Everyone there was kind, helpful and genuinely interested in making a difference. They received me with open arms, and by the end of it all they were like family. While the language barrier did at times prevent me from understanding 100% of what was said or sharing my thoughts with a substantial level of precision, we would always find a way to communicate and make things work. I would definitely recommend this placement for anyone who genuinely cares about helping (and NOT just ticking boxes), who is open to learning and and who would like to join the genuine and impactful family that is La Scintilla. The importance of the work they carry out cannot be overstated. Outside placement hours, the apartment shared with other volunteers is an experience in and of itself. You'll be surrounded by people from all over the world who are also carrying out different volunteering activities. The location of the apartment is also very central and there is always something to do (after all, this is Napoli!). Granted, you won't have any luxury (impossible with the fees paid; any other property around this location would cost a lot more than what INN charge volunteers) but you can count on a nice, sufficiently-equipped, cozy and well-located place to call "home" while you volunteer. Whether you like going out to read a book alone at the Lungomare or spend a day in Rome with people you've only known for a week, this place has you covered.”

Claire M., France, 2023, Dog Shelter

“At first, not being young anymore, I didn't know what to expect. INN's team made me feel good from the very beginning. I have felt fully welcomed. Thank you so much Ivan and the team for everything, your efficiency, your advices and support, your ability to connect people with other volunteers. I worked for 3 weeks in the dog shelter, it is hard work, cleaning, feeding, brushing, taking care of the dogs, but being a dog lover I enjoyed it a lot. The staff and volunteers at the shelter, Melina, Pia, Elsa, Matteo, Francesca, Veronica ... are doing an amazing job. I will come back again."

Judith N., UK, 2023, Teaching English

"Support English teachers with all classes studying this subject. This involved working with small groups doing grammar and comprehension activities as well as working with whole class to improve pronunciation. Occasionally led conversations with small groups on topics related to curriculum. Occasionally supported migrant children in other lessons whose command of English is better than their Italian.."

Sophie C., Germany, 2023, After School Care

“For two months, I was able to work on a social project in Naples. My task is to support and accompany children and young people who are growing up in difficult social circumstances in school and extracurricular activities. For example, I helped the children with their homework: English, Maths and Italian. It was especially exciting when the children had to write texts in Italian. This often allowed me to get to know the children in a very personal way. The so-called summer camp started in the middle of July. This was also a wonderful experience. Every day was planned with different activities. Sometimes we went to the park, where we could play football with the children, dance or paint. Visits to the historical part of the city were also very nice to share with the children. The cooperation with the teachers is also on an equal footing. You notice how committed they are and if you had any questions, you could always turn to them without any problems. Even though I think that speaking a little Italian in addition to English is a slight advantage, communication is not a problem. Because the teachers and especially the children are very open and warm-hearted, so for people with an open mind this experience should be not to difficult. In addition, it helps to be interested in learning as much as possible about the Napoletan culture. :) I fall in love with Napoli and felt every time very safe! Finally, I can really say that the INN coordinators were always ready to answer questions and had an interested and warm-hearted way with us volunteers. I am really grateful for the experience at INN, the time with the children has given me a lot and in addition I have made friendships from so dieffernt countries and I am more than happy about. Grazie di tutto!.”

Jennifer H., Australia, 2023, Teaching English

“I felt fully supported and welcomed. It was an amazing experience. At 63 years old I wasn't sure if the students would be OK with me. But they loved me and I felt I really made a difference and inspired them. I stayed at the INN hostel with young people and found it a great shared experience. So no matter what your age, if you think young just do it.."

Morgan B., France, 2023, Soccer Assistant Coach

"J'ai pu effecteur cette mission humanitaire avec un ami dans le cadre de mes études et je dois dire que pour une première elle était plus que réussite. L'équipe sur place est très accueillante et à l'écoute malgré la barrière de la langue, le contact avec les coachs et les enfants s'est très bien passé, tout était très naturel. De plus la ville de Naples est plutôt authentique et pour un séjour de 3 semaines il est difficile de s'ennuyer ! Si vous êtes passionnés de football et que vous aimez partager cette passion je ne peux que vous recommander cette mission.."

Leonie W., Germany, 2023, Dog Shelter

“I had an amazing experience at the dog shelter and it was one of the best volunteerings I ever did. I met so many nice people and we became really close since we all stayed in the same house. Ivan is really nice and always helps you if you have any questions. I loved to help with the dogs because they are very cute and the people are so kind. Another thing that I really loved is that the house was in the center of naples, so there were many things to do around. I liked it so much that I want to go back next year :).


  • nice people

  • safe

  • much love

Amanda E., Norway, 2022, Marine & Archaelogical

“My experience with INN was great! I loved my stay and would recommend the program. The accommodation has a great location and the staff is very helpful and supportive. The volunteering was a good experience."

Clara T., France, 2022, Teaching English & French

"My time in Naples through Napoli Network was a once in a lifetime experience. I chose to stay in the accommodation that is suggested and I couldn’t be more happy that I did. Very well situated, near many social gatherings and near the train station. I would work in the schools (Middle School and High School) every morning, and have free time on the afternoons and weekends. All that free time allows you to travel around Italy and the nearby beautiful sites with the many friendly people you will meet through the association. Napoli Network’s staffs were very much always available to answer any questions and very flexible. They are very approachable and friendly. I am very happy about this rewarding experience and would totally recommend it.."

Sara K., Norway, 2022, Teaching English

“From the very first moment I arrived in Naples, I was introduced to the huge language barrier as I tried to ask for directions several times and no one could help. Frankly, Im glad I did, because I knew the level of English was low, but not that very basic English basically was non-existent. After that I truly understood why English-speaking volunteers were needed. I worked with students in Middle-school and can honestly say I really enjoyed it. They were always very curious, and most importantly wanted to communicate, despite them not having anywhere near enough vocabulary to do so - and I truly respect that. The English Teachers would often help us translate when needed, luckily :). I appriciate the time I had in my placement, the amazing students, and very kind teachers and principle <3 As for the INN, the staff were very flexible and helpful. It was very easy to approach them and ask questions whenever needed. I also chose to stay in the INN accomodation, which Im glad I did. The best thing about the apartment is the location; near the train-station and many "hangout" places. Having breakfast included was very nice, as for lunch and dinner I usually ate out or bought at the supermarket and cooked myself. Warning! You will meet fellow volunteers that you become very close with, and saying goodbye will be hard :( But I would not trade this rewarding experience in the chaotic, but beautiful city of Naples”

Alex C., USA, 2022, Migrants & Refugees

“My time at INN was immeasurably wonderful. I had high expectations (only because I knew it would be a great learning experience) that were exceeded from the first day I was there. I spent time at the asylum camp for a little over two months and loved every minute of it. The people I met both through the accommodation and my placement were so kind and I learned so much from them. I made lifelong friends, practiced and learned multiple languages, ate delicious food, and grew as an individual on multiple levels. Even when I had a medical situation, Ivan was incredibly helpful and made sure that it was figured out as best as it could. I will never forget this experience and will always look back on it fondly. Thank you, INN!"

Sophie K., Australia, 2022, Medical Assistant

"Had a fantastic time on the program and gained a lot personally from the experience. Met some amazing people. Learnt a lot at the clinic and the staff were very helpful. Ivan was very supportive of myself and other members."

Maya H., Germany, 2021, Dental Assistant

“I My stay at the International Napoli Network was an absolutel amazing experience. I was welcomed by Ivan and shown around by Ivan on my irst day. Then I worked jointly with the policlinics dentists and really was able to learn a lot and support them in their work. During evening and weekends I went together with the other international volunteers to Ischia, Capri and Positano at the Amalfi Coast, visit the beautiful beaches and historical sites. I also enjoyed working with the homeless and refugees at the church center. The staff of International Napoli Network was always caring and I felt always safe at Neaples. I can highly recommend this volunteer programme and would love to come back next year :).."

Nikos K., Greece, 2020, Soccer Assistan

“Joined Arci Scampia as an Assistant Soccer Coach and along with the Soccer Coaches of this soccer school and another volunteer we were training boys and girls. The training was pretty flexible and coaches typically welcome new ideas and we were playing/training with the children too - so if you also like to play soccer you'll have plenty of opportunities to do so. Arci Scampia seems to have a great social impact as helps to create a safe environment in a region with many problems. Not knowing Italian was a bit of a difficulty as most people do not speak English, still they welcomed us and made us feel as part of their soccer family. Naples was also great, there were many things to see, do and taste in my free time. And of course INN was very helpful to provide all necessary info and arrangements both before I arrived and during my stay."

Jasper G., UK, 2019, Migrants & Refugees

"The stay in Naples as well as the experience during the programs were both fascinating and amazing. You will, without a doubt, meet wonderful people through your program. The team at INN are extremely helpful."

Maria L., Spain, 2019, Migrants Basketball

“I liked everything at the program! There are hardworking and friendly people. I have really good memories of it.”

Travis M., Canada, 2019, Migrants & Refugees

“I would absolutely recommend INN to any student or young person looking to experience the Naples that lies beyond the typical tourist spots (which are nonetheless worth touring). Ivan, Graziella, Antonio, and Cristiano are always available to address any issues, very friendly, and make for a highly competent team. I volunteered for about two months with an NGO working to address issues relating to migrant and refugee integration - a very pressing issue in the city. Despite the difficult circumstance and challenging environment, I found the volunteer work (mostly teaching English and working on migrant's resumes) to be fairly effective in terms of impact for a short-term project and very rewarding for me personally).The residence is dorm-style, but very spacious and located in a really exciting, albeit student-focused, part of town. It's a very social environment and I met interesting, educated people form all over the world working on different projects throughout the city. Overall a great value - I think they work pretty hard to keep it affordable. I left the INN with some amazing memories."

Kami. K., USA, 2019, Teaching English

"My time in Naples, Italy, was wonderful. I met friends from all over the world and getting to work with the children was really special. The project wasn't exactly as I imagined, but still very meaningful. The kids were so loving and excited that we came there to work with them. Overall, the program was very safe and the staff were nice. It is located in the most ideal area as well! I went to Rome and the Amalfi Coast on my weekends, and Pompeii, Procida, and around Naples during the week after my program. It was so beautiful and relatively cheap to get there as well. I came alone, so they were really fun places to visit with my new friends. I would definitely recommend this program to solo travelers, as most people I was there with came solo as well. The accommodation is also walking distance from anything you could need and the many famous Italian food places.."

Danielle B., USA, 2019, After School Care

“I had such a magical time in naples Italy with INN. The volunteer coordinator were very communicative and always willing to help. Once I got there the people at my placement were always there to answer all my questions from where the best places to eat certain foods were, how to get to work using public transportation and so much more. I felt extremely safe and would love to volunteer with them again. Anytime I felt uncomfortable they would ease my stress. They walked me to work and back the first day to make sure I was comfortable with my surroundings and everything that went into traveling alone to my volunteer placement. My placement itself was awesome, the people were so welcoming, by the end they felt like family and we still keep in touch!"

Annette, USA, 2019, LGBTQ+ Rights

“Joined Arci Scampia as an Assistant Soccer Coach and along with the Soccer Coaches of this soccer school and another volunteer we were training boys and girls. The training was pretty flexible and coaches typically welcome new ideas and we were playing/training with the children too - so if you also like to play soccer you'll have plenty of opportunities to do so. Arci Scampia seems to have a great social impact as helps to create a safe environment in a region with many problems. Not knowing Italian was a bit of a difficulty as most people do not speak English, still they welcomed us and made us feel as part of their soccer family. Naples was also great, there were many things to see, do and taste in my free time. And of course INN was very helpful to provide all necessary info and arrangements both before I arrived and during my stay."

Miriam W., USA, 2018, After School Care

"The staff are some of the most hardworking, kind-hearted people I have ever met. They really care about your experience and the impact the organization is making there. This was an unforgettable experience for me, and Napoli has a very special place in my heart!."

Zhuo L., China, 2018, Migrants & Refugees

“I stayed in Napoli for 4 weeks, during that time I accepted this meaningful and unique task: crowdfunding for a basketball team consists of second generations of immigrants. It's so touching to get to know those kids, to become a friend that maybe they'll remember for a time. During my work, the organizers of INN were always ready to help. Napoli is full of surprise and treasure, It's absolutely different to volunteer, to live in this messy while beautiful city rather than just visiting for several days. Plus, in your spare time you can enjoy fascinating views of islands nearby!”

Arisa L., UK, 2018, Migrants & Refugees

“I genuinely could not have had a better time in Napoli on my NGO project. I was placed at an NGO called LESS that works on social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. I was placed with one other volunteer at the LESS head office, which was around a 30 minute walk from the volunteer accommodation. Whilst I was there, there were only three of us on the NGO programme; the other girl was placed at one of LESS's refugee camps conducting research. The accommodation was fantastic and I made so many wonderful friends and met great people that I hope I will stay in contact with. We were in dorms of 8 which was a nice number and they were spacious, the bathrooms were ok/adequate but not amazing. The food was pretty decent, we selected lunch and dinner during the week from a google docs menu every day and it was ordered from an external caterer and left for us in plastic boxes in the kitchen. I really liked the independence of not having fixed meal times and that we were basically able to just get on with things as it wasn't overly structured by the staff. My placement wasn't due to officially start until the Thursday of my first week so I was basically left to my own devices for my first couple of days, which freaked me out at first but I ended up liking it as it forced me to take initiative and make friends that I could accompany to their placement to see what it was like. After placement we always had fun sightseeing and going out in Napoli, and we had the freedom to organise some great weekend trips. I went to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Procida and Capri, all of which were amazing. The only thing I wish is that we did more volunteering. I only did three hours a day from 10am-1pm and even in those three hours I felt like I didn't have as much to do as I could've given, despite asking multiple times if there was anything I could do to help. Of course we were not qualified enough to really get involved in the hardcore work that the organisation does and so we were basically left with the odd jobs such as translating documents, facebook advertising and looking for sponsors. I was really lucky though that i came at the same time as World Refugee Day that meant I was able to get involved with the big project of organising and running a large WRD event in Naples. This was probably the highlight for me as we got to visit three refugee camps and bond with the lovely and intelligent migrants, meet some really inspiring and open minded Italian kids and do great things. There was also a big protest while I was there over a racist attack and I am so grateful for the experiences. I know I am not the only volunteer who came away feeling like they had more to do and felt like they could have made more of a difference for these migrants who really enjoyed meeting us. Nevertheless, while I was there, INN had some issues with people acting a little entitled and thinking they were just in Italy for a relaxing holiday, which is not true. I highly encourage everyone considering this project to really think about what they are signing up for and to make sure they are passionate and really want to be there to volunteer, otherwise it is kinder just to book a holiday to Italy. Work ethic, drive and a desire to help are very important on this trip and you must be there for the right reasons, especially when you are staying at an accommodation run by such passionate individuals as Ivan, Christiano, Antonio, Sara, Graziela and so on. They were all so supportive, kind and helpful. I rarely had any issues but I always felt comfortable going to the office to talk to them, and always felt very safe in Naples. Overall, my three weeks were incredible for the environment and surroundings that I got to travel in, the work and activities I got to do, and most significantly the people I met. Both the migrants and other volunteers really inspired me and I will cary them with me for a while! Thank you to INN for an unforgettable experience, I've been back for three days and miss it so much...!."

Kilipozoglou K., Greece, 2018, Marine & Archaeological Preservation

"Last July i had my first volunteering experience ever and that was in Gaiola. An amazing picturesque place, with very friendly and helpful staff. I had the best time of my life and volunteering made me feel a better person and i left from Napoli full of experiences and feelings. I would do it all over again if i could! Please volunteer for this amazing place, where every person is needed. Keep up doing a good job guys in Gaiola! If you want to explore Napoli and find yourself really useful, join this program."

Clement L., France, 2018, Migrants & Refugees

“Since I was joining good friends in the program with a shared desire and motivation to explore, help and learn, I knew I was about to live a great experience at INN. I was warmly greeted by the team who gave me some good tips for my 6-week stay in Naples. Within a team of 3 volunteers, I worked on two main projects: fundraising for a social initiative in Scampia and supporting an NGO on a project for migrants and refugees integration. Basically we taught European and Italian labor laws to refugees in both French and English and we organized CV workshops and job interviews with the objective of helping them to find a job and to reach self-reliance. This was one of the most enriching experiences I ever had. I really enjoyed visiting Naples and its surroundings, from the top of Monte Faito to the beautiful creeks of Sorrento. Neapolitan people are great hosts and I can't wait to be back there to meet my friends again. I would definitely recommend volunteering at INN !"

Ava M., USA, 2018, Urban Forest

“My experience with INN was truly unforgettable. I got to spend 5 weeks in Naples, Italy volunteering with World Wildlife Fund. While there, I helped with trail restoration, wildfire prevention, and social media output. Being able to help such wonderful, passionate people who work for such a renowned NGO was truly more than I ever expected, especially for the small amount of money INN charges for such an international experience. One of my biggest fears about this program was its location: Naples, Italy. I have heard many stories about this city, mostly revolving around its dirtiness and danger. However, I had nothing but positive experiences while exploring the amazing place of Napoli. Also, if any problems ever were to arise, I know that the INN staff would be supportive and helpful. Overall, really recommend this program."

Amanda D., USA, 2018, After School Care

"This experience was amazing. Everything was so organized and safe. No matter what someone was always there to answer any questions we had. I volunteered in Naples, Italy, and fell in love with a culture, a country, and it's people. I have no choice but to go back. The program was amazing and the kids were so grateful and easy to work with. If you're thinking about volunteering, don't even think twice, just dive right in and you will have no regrets. INN participants will always be there to help you out"

Melissa O., USA, 2018, Migrants & Refugees

“I highly recommend the INN volunteer experience in Naples, Italy. The staff were great with making sure we were comfortable at the accommodations as well as at the volunteer placement. They were always present and very easy to communicate with. My placement worked with teaching English to teenage immigrants. However, I think these students taught me far more than I did them. This experience will have a lasting impact on me.”

Sara K., USA, 2018, Teaching English

I went into this adventure with no expectations & an open mind the International Napoli Network blew me away. The program in Naples is absolutely incredible and the people are as well. The month I spent in Italy was filled with so much joy. Through my placement I was able to meet people from all walks of life, who welcomed us with open arms. These people have gone through so much in life, yet they still show up every day ready to greet you with a smile.

Put yourself out there & learn as much as you can from them, embrace their culture fully & you will have the time of your life.

I am walking away with so much knowledge, friendships, and a brighter outlook. I am eager to get back to Naples & experience it all over again.."

Kristine S., USA, 2018, After School Care

"I loved this program. The accommodation was in a great location in Naples. Everything was in walk distance and the staff was very helpful with recommending things to do in the area. Personally, volunteering was the highlight of my stay. The children were eager to meet volunteers from all over the globe and the classrooms benefited from having extra hands on deck. We did a range of activities with the kids such from playing soccer to doing puzzles. No matter what the entertaining the kids was the top priority and doing in the beautiful city of Naples was just an extra perk.."

Tarika S., UAE, 2018, Urban Forest

My time volunteering in Naples, Italy with INN is an experience that I hold extremely close to my heart!

I applied for the Environmental Project for 2 months, and the team provided me with all the help before departure, including help with the visa. My work involved helping with the animals in a farm that was located on a hill that overlooked the gorgeous city of Napoli and the sea! It was such an awarding experience to help with the animals at the farm, I felt so much at peace whenever I was there. The local staff was always there to help you in any aspect and they make sure you feel at home! The best part is how the atmosphere there is very positive and pleasant, the local people are great and always ready to help with a smile.

Naples is definitely a city to go with an open mind and get lost in its beauty while exploring, and the location where the accommodation is located is in a wonderful area full of young people, plus there is also the chance to visit so many nearby cities during the weekends. Add to that the delicious food that you will never get bored of!

Volunteering in Naples is an experience that will leave you with friends that you will always stay in touch with, a lot of cultural immersion, immense personal growth, and a definite wish to return. I could not have asked for a better 2 months, and wish to be back soon !!"

Jessica S., New Zealand, 2018, Urban Forest

“After an incredible three weeks on the environmental project in Napoli it was extremely difficult to pack up and head home. Doing this programme has been without doubt one of the best decisions I've made during my year abroad, and was an absolutely perfect way to spend most of January. Wowed by the beautiful weather and the vibrant, bustling city! I was so humbled by the wonderful support of the INN staff, and very grateful for the amount of careful thought that went in to selecting my volunteer placement. Working in a community garden that was once simply a rubbish dump in the centre of Napoli was a superb experience, with lots of wonderful friends made, and the freedom to contribute ideas and receive useful feedback. I felt I had the flexibility to set my own goals while working for the organisation, and I left feeling I had contributed positively to the garden's development as a fantastic resource for the community.
In terms of living in Napoli- I can't emphasise enough how important it is to go and see a place for yourself rather than learning about it second-hand via its reputation. Napoli is a beautiful city, with some of the most genuine and kindly people I have ever met. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with lots of locals and improve my Italian also- it's surprising how quickly you can advance if you put your mind to it and be brave! If you're a keen traveller like myself, it's so easy to train to Rome and Florence, and make sure you visit Capri, Procida and Ischia islands, as well as the gorgeous seaside town of Sorrento! One of my favourite memories was hiking Mount Vesuvius in the early morning then visiting the ruins of Herculaneum with my two best friends on the programme, a truly magical day! I left the programme with what I'm sure will be lifelong friends, as well as a new, more informed idea of life in communities which are not as privileged as my own. I was continuously humbled and amazed by the positivity and motivation of members of the community to improve conditions and create something beautiful for future generations, and I was honoured to be a part of it!."

Xinran J., China, 2017, Special Needs

"Going to Naples and joining this program was one of the best decision I have ever made. They were very lovely people. Different activities were organised everyday from playing games, painting, cooking to watching movies. I often got shocked when I saw them struggle to do something which is quite easy for normal people. Beside sympathy, I have more respect to them. The daily tasks were easy and relaxed so I didn't need to worry about anything. Although I spoke few Italian we were trying to communicate to each other by simple words and gestures. Knowing some Italian would be better but it is ok if not. Besides, we had lunch together everyday which makes me feel that I'm a part of their "family". I spent almost four weeks there and I really enjoyed every single day. The local organisation—INN is very helpful. They will give you guide with details when you arrive and take you to your volunteer placement. You can come to them for everything you need, from food, train ticket to tattoo shop advise..."

Laura R., USA, 2017, Migrants & Refugees

“This was my first international trip and volunteer program. I was nervous but felt it would be a eye opening experience. IVHQ led in Italy by Sara was amazing. Her staff made me feel comfortable and safe from the first meeting. I had the greatest time working with kids under 18 and they had different experiences they shared that I will never forget. My two weeks there I felt supported and appreciated and learned so much. My eyes weren’t the only thing opened my heart was moved with compassion for others. I would do it again in a heartbeat because I know I touched lives by teaching . International Naples network they believe in changing lives and I’ve been changed too. The culture was different you adjust quickly, definitely know some Italian, and I walked around by myself a lot around Dante square during day. I had time off enough to enjoy my weekends and the beach. You won’t regret it ”

Jillisa G., Barbados, 2017, Migrants & Refugees

“As it was my first time being to a European country, everything was different and new to me; for example the food (gelato is great) and the way of life in Italy(Italians love sleeping after meals). My particular program was the teaching English one. I taught English to minors between the average ages of 15 and 17. They were all boys and they were very nice and appreciative for the volunteers who helped them with their English. In return I learned some Italian, French and Spanish from them and also became more thankful for the life that I have; when I talked to these boys who were nearly my age about their life stories, it was very appalling that these young boys who had no physical support system with them, and whose families were depending on them to help their family to succeed through going to another country and by making use of the opportunities offered, never gave up hope and most of them were determined to make a better life for themselves and their families. Henceforth, this program gave me a greater respect for all people, no matter what backgrounds that they may have came from and it made me want to do what ever I can to help these people! I am thankful for the impactful experience that this program has given me and now I left as a more independent individual, a more empathetic individual and a more compassionate and loving individual!."

Jess F., New Zealand , 2017, After School Care

"I volunteered in the after school care program for two weeks, Since it was the summer the children aren't in school. I absolutely loved my time with the children, we spent most of our time in the park where they played soccer, zumba, fencing, jump rope and any other game they could think of. I spoke no Italian but this did not effect my time with the children as much as I thought it would. The main thing I loved about my experience there was experiencing the Italian culture, I am from a small town in New Zealand and I spent most of my time watching the interactions of the children and their supervisors.
The Inn was amazing too. All the people involved, staff and the other volunteers were amazing and I have made some life long friends! Everyone is like-minded and very friendly. The only regret I had after my time there is that 2 weeks is definitely not long enough! But my experience there was life-changing and I recommend doing this program as your time there will be amazing and you will never regret going!..."

Alexandra M., USA, 2017, After School Care

“Even though my time spent in the Naples afterschool program was short, it was absolutely worth it. I lived in a beautiful apartment in the center of the city with 11 other volunteers who I became very close friends with. When you take a group of people from all over the world who are experiencing a culture together and who have the common interest of being abroad and doing good, a deep bond is made very quickly. At the beginning I didn't know what to expect, but upon my arrival at the INN I was welcomed into the community of young people in different volunteer placements and at the end of each day looked forward to our dinners together and talks up on the terrace of our apartment, exchanging stories about our placements, the funny bits of Italian culture we experienced, and some deep conversations about travel and what we wanted to do with our lives.
The first weekend I was there we traveled as a group to the walk of the gods in Positano and then had a picnic on the beach, and the second weekend we swam in the crystalline waters of Gaiola! There is so much to see in the area, and you will have plenty of free time either before or after your placement, so I highly recommend you take advantage of it.
I also highly recommend the afterschool program, but would also advise prospective volunteers to have at least a basic knowledge of Italian before jumping into it. I have lived in Italy for a while and speak fluent Italian, and since the children don't have a good enough understanding of English to translate or want to translate, I was very grateful to know the language and it allowed me to make connections with the kids easily. The afterschool program is divided into three sections (ages 7-9, ages 9-11, ages 12-16) and the first few days were divided among these three sections, getting to know the kids and the afterschool teachers from each section. The program went from 3-7 and involved helping the kids with homework (I liked to play a game where I would write a word in English and then the kid would have to write the word in Italian and then dialect. The kids were excited to teach me their dialect, and I was happy to learn!), then a snack time (one little girl got particularly attached to me and made me sit next to her during snack time and share her panino every day), then various activities (games, dancing, arts and crafts). This was all run by the staff at the afterschool center, which took some of the pressure off of the volunteers and allowed us to sit with the kids and make connections rather than having to worry about being in charge. Future participants should know that it is normal in Italian culture to be very loud and expressive, and should expect a lot of noise during the program, as well as a fair amount of chaos. One of my favorite memories was distracting the most rambunctious kids in the group by having an arm wrestling competition. With this as a distraction, the troublemakers were having safe fun and the rest of the kids could focus!
The support at INN was wonderful, and I often interacted with the employees around the housing. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to live in the crazy city of Naples (yes it is dirty and loud, but I never once felt unsafe and made so many connections with workers in cafes, bars, and delis, and people I met on the street! Plus the city is cheap and the food is the best in Italy) and is willing to make an effort to integrate themselves into their placement. It is your participation and eagerness to be involved that determines your success in the program! This program impacted my life greatly by showing me that I want to work with kids and that I love Naples. In fact, I am thinking of studying pedagogy in Naples next year! I also gained some amazing friends from my fellow volunteers. I traveled with two of them after the program ended and soon will be going to visit another! For anyone considering this program, I beg of you please do it and throw yourself fully into the experience. ”

Angela, Australia, 2016, Teaching English

I choose to do the Teaching English program this November and I have absolutely no regrets! It has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. The Inn staff are so welcoming, supportive and are there for you whether its for feedback or to have a chat. I was extremely satisfied with my experience in the project. I was by the end involved in two meaningful projects teaching english to secondary students and teaching english to adults who are refugees or homeless in the last week of my placement, which was a nice surprise. You know its a great program when you feel like you are making a difference even in the slightest way.

There was of coarse some challenges along the way. Theres the fear of doing something new in a place you are not familiar with, or going to placement every day not knowing what to expect, trying to communicate with or understand the culture and the people and change of plans in your project. But for me that is when i grew as a person the most and I learnt the most.

Overall, its a very well-organised program and ensures that you are satisfied and any issues are resolved. I have more confidence in life, I am more culturally aware, adaptable, independent and have become a better person because of this program and more knowledge of teaching english. Thanks for a wonderful experience!.."

Mariana M., Costa Rica, 2016, Migrants and Refugees

"My month in Naples was amazing..The accommodation is very nice, clean and with a great location, right on Naples historic center. The view from the rooftop is unbeliveable. The staff there is really helpful, they made me feel at home since day one. Naples is a very interesting city with many things to offer and close to a lot of other beautiful places you can visit during the weekend. Neapolitan food is just perfect and neapolitans are incredibly kind and friendly people. The work at your placement can be very rewarding if you really put your heart into it. Thank you Naples for such an unforgettable experience.
I will definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to volunteer abroad."

Abdulmehsen, Kuwait, 2016, Teaching English

 I have been to Italy many times before, but that particular trip to Napoli is my favorite so far. It was very exceptional; the sweetest ever Italians in International Napoli Network will make you feel at home from the first second you arrive. They will explain to you everything you need to know about Italy in general and Napoli in specific, what they expect from you and even the necessary Italian language you need to carry out simple conversations with locals. People in Napoli are very friendly and well known for their hospitality and respect to people from other cultures. Ohhh, and in case you’re reading this to hear about food? Trust me, you won’t have any idea how pizza tastes like until you go there!

In case you are not sure whether you will do well in your placement, I would definitely advise not to worry at all.

I had no previous experience in teaching English before, but the motivating words and continuous support from INN is all what I needed to succeed in teaching middle school students.

In short, I can’t wait to apply again! ☺"

Adrian, Australia, 2016, Teaching English

When people told me of the border between north and south, I did not believe such a thing existed. The touristy north is beautiful however the language south is heard.

Warm, alive and Aloud!
Owhhh, chiama Napule’

I participated in a volunteer project that I believe was helping the local community. Instead they’ve helped change the very meaning of life and its existence I once thought. Seeing the smiles of joy and hope from the people where unfortunately a government flawed with corruption reigns is a great thing.

There are many trying and hoping for Italy. Ivan, Sara and Chiara, a very big thank you for your hospitality, guidance through your city, and most importantly for giving me the opportunity to give where it’s needed.

Cin cin!"

Rongdi Z., UK, 2016, After School Care

"I am a uni student who is super busy with my coursework and I did my volunteer placement during the Eastern Holiday. Honestly before I headed off to Naples , I was still unsure if staying home for my tons of work would be more valuable for my Eastern Holiday rather than leaving for another country for volunteer . Luckily my friends they convinced me to come to Italy instead of staying home and that deffo is one of the best decision I have ever made!!!! I did After school care in Naples , but actually what I did is getting involved in the English class and teaching kids in the kindergarten English. I love my program soooo much!!!!! The kids they r absolutely lovely and cute and the teachers there supported me a lot . Unfortunately I cant speak Italian so sometimes communication is a problem between me and tutors (cuz most of them cant speak English ),but the staff in the program organization they help me communicate with teachers there and manager everything perfectly. I do appreciate everything happening to me in this amazing and unforgettable experience. :D "

James B.., USA, 2016, After School Ca

“My first day in the country was nerve-wracking, as with any trip abroad. It was my first time traveling abroad; but after a few hours, my mind was a ease. I was met by one of the program supervisors upon my arrival at the volunteer's housing and was simply in awe. The apartment was beautiful; with views of the Mediterranean, citrus trees in the courtyard, the mountains, and Vesuvius - all from one spot. The personnel who are the INN were helpful and it was evident that they were there to make a difference, and to help us do the same. We were given a lot of independence, making it seem as if we weren't "tourists" - but living within the city. On weekends we are free to travel, I was able to go to Rome and Vesuvius before I returned home. The people are the nicest in the world, the food is delicious, and the work can be life changing. You get out of the program what you put into it; you are given every tool necessary to have an amazing time and make a difference - use them! My work with the after school program was far more rewarding than I expected it to be; the people at the center were amazing as well. I highly regret not staying longer than two weeks as there is just so much to do, see, and so much I didn't want to leave yet. I am looking forward to returning to Naples and this program one day soon, 100% suggest this for anybody looking for a first-travel experience and some independence in a place as wonderful as Naples.  ”

Brittany B., USA, 2016, Migrants & Refugees

I really can't say enough about how much I loved this program. Despite its gritty reputation, Naples is a beautiful city with incredible food, art, and more history than you can shake a stick at. I went with a list of day-trips outside of Naples I wanted to take, but I ended up only doing a few because there was always something to do in the city. The location of the volunteer accommodation is incredible, with amazing views of the city, sea, and Mt. Vesuvius.

I was in the NGO Support program, and had an amazing experience. The local staff in Italy handpicks who to send where, and they have excellent relationships with the hosting NGOs--often they know the NGO staff personally, so you don't feel like you're being abandoned with strangers. :-)

The in-country staff are truly amazing. They went far above and beyond the call of duty--they're really interested in getting to know you and your goals and helping you achieve them."

Rachel, USA, 2015, After School Care

"For my first time out of the US and my first time traveling by myself I was very nervous. I had the best experience not only did I meet a great group of people, I also had a great support system. From the first day I arrived everybody was very welcoming, and I had the chance to meet people to travel with and got to achieve my goal of going to Italy. As long as you approach volunteering with an open mind you will have a great time.But my experience there was life-changing and I recommend doing this program as your time there will be amazing and you will never regret going!"

Grace M., Australia, 2015, Marine Preservation

1.friends I made in our voluntary centre are still messaging me and inviting me to visit them.

I am so glad!!! I do think what u said on the orientation day is true.
You said people make life-long friends here.
I was doubting it at that time but the truth is that you are right.:)))
It genuinely impressed me, to have some "soul mates" at the other side of the earth.
2.the experience brought me trememdous gratification.
my voluntary experience was perfect!
Even tho from time to time, I feel what I did were too little.
Maybe it doesn't touched on the essence of the problem existing in Gaiola.
After I left, people still throw rubbish to the sea and do not care about the roman ruins under the sea. I keep thinking about the solution to the problem on my way to and from Gaiola everyday.

Maybe what I did didn't really alter the system in its root, but then I think maybe the system cannot be demolished in just a few days. Just like some systemic flaws in Chinese Political system.
We cannot wish to change it overnight.
What we can do is only try a bit more everyday and things will gradually get better.
I believe so!
I believe with all these ambitious and talented volunteers making endeavor, things are actually getting better, inch by inch,

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