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Mindy, 24 years old from Sydney, Australia

My experience with this school has really changed my life in many different ways. Never did I think teaching in Naples would have this effect on me - and I find it really hard to explain. Seeing the children's face light up when you see them through the crack of the door, or hearing them say 'Good morning, how are you' seem like such simple things, yet represent much more than that. It's these things that seem to be just the start of their personal development and journey as they are so impressionable at this age. It is not as if we are just teaching English, yet teaching them about other countries, capabilities, ideas and cultures. They are so interested and eager, its like an infectious energy that hits me when I walk into the room and it's that alone that made me realise I was in exactly the right place. 


The kids just show so much gratitude and love I found myself overwhelmed, I didn't expect to have that much of an impact. I hope the kids have learned as much from me as I have from them. I know many of them don't have much - but they have a heck of a lot more heart than a lot of people I know, and at the end of the day - that's all that really matters.

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