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Messere, 25 years old from Kuwait

Italia and I are together since so many years. I might not be the only one who loves Italy, but I am sure that what we have between us is beyond a tourist walking around the Colosseum, waiting for sunset over Arno river, or craving pasta all day long. In fact, I think that this special relationship was behind my decision to participate in a volunteer program there. I wanted to do something different that makes a difference.


Although I have never been to the south before that time, I knew that Naples has centuries of important history, art and architecture. I always wanted to get lost in the narrow streets of Naples to explore the marvellous historic centre of the city. Although many of my Italian friends advised me with "that tone" to take extra care of everything during my stay there, I realized that all what I have been told was complete exaggerated nonsense! Naples was beyond all my expectations! especially Neapolitans who redefined hospitality to me.


The best part about volunteering was adding value to the society through positive engagement with people. This includes INN family who inspired me all the time, other volunteers who shared their stories everyday, faculty members and students in the school where I was volunteering.


I believe that I learned from my students in Naples more than what I really taught them. In fact, they were so curious to know, and the more they know, the more they ask. Besides, they never ever give up, no matter how you challenge them. Ohh, how I miss them!

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