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Max, 22 years old from London, United Kingdom

I think Naples is actually the most beautiful metropolitan community I've ever "lived" in. I feel that London has a far greater deficit of real community compared to Naples than, say, Naples has in deficit of public funding compared to London. It's a place that may be starved of opportunity but in the power of its community it leads the way for Western cities. It has all the character I'd heard about but it was far more peaceful and multi-dimensional than I was led to believe before I arrived.

It's experiencing that sense of unabashed community that I enjoyed most about La Tenda, I think. The Neapolitan people are so glad to accept you into their wider 'family'; I could never have expected that they would have given me so much in terms of their love and affection and respect. It's the window into this wonderful dynamic that was the best part of La Tenda. I came to help, and to give, but honestly I think they gave me even more.

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